Pooh’s Ashdown Forest Walk

Last Sunday we walked Winnie the Pooh’s Ashdown Forest. It was a fairly easy seven mile walk through farmland and woods. We followed the AA map and instructions http://www.theaa.com/walks/poohs-ashdown-forest-421098. Must admit we lost our way a couple of time (due to my bad map reading) and seven miles turned into eight and a half but our iPhones put us straight again. We played Pooh sticks on Pooh Bridge and stopped off for coffee and cake at Pooh Corner, tearooms in Hartfield. What I really like about the Pooh trail was the very thing that got us lost- no signs apart from a couple of carved wooden ones to the bridge. It is literally a free walk in the countryside not a commercial venture.

3 thoughts on “Pooh’s Ashdown Forest Walk

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