Lisbon Diary

Lisbon… The city felt like a late summer evening, a mix of soft light, nostalgia and slight boredom (The High Mountains of Portugal by Yann Martel, p.239)

This is exactly what this beautiful city felt like to be in on a warm, sunny December morning a few weeks before Christmas. My boyfriend and I had just had breakfast in a café overlooking the city and he was now downloading tracks using the café WIFI for his evening gig set list. I had taken my book into a small park opposite the café to read while he worked. There was on an elderly Portuguese lady sitting on the stone block next to me and we nodded and smiled a lot at each other. We tried a few words but neither could understand the other. Besides which we couldn’t get past her keep signalling me to keep hold of my rucksack every time I turned away from it or let go of it. So we just sat there in companionable silence, watching the small birds directly in front of us and the city below us. It felt rude to read my book while she was sitting so close. I was happy with this small interlude, and for me its enriching experience is what travelling is all about.

Lisbon is also all about a bunch of other things too. The beautiful old town, yellow trams, steep roads, back street Portuguese bars, strong coffee and custard pastries. I look forward to going back.


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