Trevor Horn reimagines the eighties


Caught music producer Trevor Horn on breakfast TV Friday morning, talking about his new album, Trevor Horn Reimagines the Eighties (BMG Rights Management (UK) Ltd).

Its another one of those albums where an orchestra is stuck in with original artists/ songs. I was never a huge fan of the eighties particularly, even though it is probably my ‘era’. And I am not sure whether I am a huge fan of sticking an orchestra in with original soundtracks having previously downloaded and then deleted the two Elvis ones. I still can’t decide if it adds something to the original, or takes it away.

The difference with the Trevor Horn is that he has gone a step further and changed the artists and arrangements, which gives a fresh new feel. I liked It’s Different for Girls (feat. The Sarm Orchestra and Steve Hogarth) and also Owner of a Lonely Heart (feat. The Sarm Orchestra) although they lacked the gutsy punch of the originals by Joe Jackson and Yes. Having spent the weekend listening to it, it’s growing on me and has rustled up a bit of nostalgia for the decade of my main partying years.


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