Road Trip Alicante to Benidorm.

Yesterday we hired a car in Benidorm, wanting to explore beyond the coastal town and resort.

Car hire was from Europcar and was approx. 69€ (£54) for one day. Bargain.

[We also hired bikes earlier in the week from Monkey Bikes- 13€ for a days hire]

We took the coastal road down to Alicante, where we stopped for a picnic lunch and a wander.

We wanted to drive the mountain roads, so took the CV-800 to Alcoi, then the CV-70 down to Benidorm. We wound our way up, over and through the mountains in a very sultry 35 degree heat. The landscape was mostly barren, interspersed with a very occasional villa, a derelict building or a small village.

The drive took approximately two and a half hours. It was a rugged, parched and lonely terrain- just us and the cicadas. We loved every minute of the drive. Certainly a vastly different Benidorm from it’s traditional, stereotypical boozy image. Get out and explore this beautiful Costa Brava region.

Mix Tape by Jane Sanderson.

Mix Tape by Jane Sanderson

Mix Tape by Jane Sanderson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Two of my favourite things are playlists and road trips. Two of my second best things are books containing these things. I loved Mix Tape. I was reminded of and introduced to songs and bands from the late seventies/ early eighties that I had either forgotten about or hadn’t heard of. All through I had to stop reading and yell at Alexa to play a song by a particular band.
This weekend will see me compiling a ‘Mix Tape’ playlist and planning a mini-break road trip to Sheffield. And a much grander, maybe in the future, trip to Adelaide!

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