A Different Windsor.

Nine days ago we did a tourist visit to Windsor; Tuesday 7th September. Wednesday 8th September our Queen sadly passed away. We went back today to pay our respects and feel involved in some small way.

A very different Windsor greeted us. Somber, grand, busy. Lots of press areas with crews from all over the world. The Queen’s staff from the castle, resplendent in their uniforms, standing on guard outside and talking to the crowds paying their respects. Police mingling with the people in the crowd. Young and old all respectfully jostling to catch a glimpse of the scene. And so many flowers!

Preparations were also well underway for Queen Elizabeth to arrive back home to her final resting place at the castle. Roads cordoned off, big screens going up, scaffolding for the cameramen. Windsor is getting ready to embrace their queen for the final time.

RIP our beautiful Queen Elizabeth II.