Newmarket Holidays.

Following on from my EasyJet post a couple of months ago, another of my favourite holiday agents is Newmarket Holidays- escorted tours, cruises and holidays.

Their blurb states: ‘Discover and explore the world’s must-see, must-do destinations on a vast range of carefully crafted, tremendous value holidays with one of the UK’s most respected, independent escorted tour operators. The best travel stories – yours – begin when you choose Newmarket Holidays.’

I cannot fault them for the quality of their tours, their efficiency and above all their destinations. And I have done a few now:

India Tigers and the Taj Mahal


Scottish Highland Railways

The Cairngorms


Elvis Presley’s Memphis, New Orleans and Nashville


The Ring of Kerry and South West Ireland.


Hollywood, Vegas and the Grand Canyon.

Paris ,Vegas
The Grand Canyon.


The thing I really like about Newmarket Holidays is all the little extra trips they slot in, not always in the itinerary, like the Peabody Ducks in Memphis- these world-famous, five resident Mallard ducks, who march daily through the lobby of the Peabody hotel at 11am and 5pm.

I also like the unexpected things that can happen, usually as a result of having local guides: the day we picked up some Indian ladies in our jeep coming down from a hike to a fort on our Golden Triangle travels. It was dusk and they sang to us in the journey down. It was magical. Or the guides excitement on Safari in rural Rajasthan when we spotted and drew close to tigers and then being part of the debrief when we got back to camp.

Truly some of the best holidays of my life.


Diwali, “Festival of lights” is mainly a Hindu festival and is celebrated the world over, in all regions where the Hindu community has a presence. With fireworks, sweets, gifts, prayers it’s a festival that cuts across all boundaries – social, economic, cultural and racial.

It’s a beautiful festival and although not Hindu we still celebrated with homemade Nariyal Burfi, Indian coconut sweets.

Nariyal Burfi

Happy Diwali 🪔.