Health and Well Being. Changes.

Twenty twenty three has been a time of change for me. I kicked it off with Dry January.

Then I started looking at my diet and cut down on my sugar intake- eating healthier. I never ate badly but there was room for improvement.

Green smoothies for breakfast. Cheap to make: handful each of frozen spinach, broccoli; half a banana, squirt of lemon juice and water. Blitz.

I started making my own breakfast/ energy bars: Peanut Butter Chocolate bars, Fruit Pemmican, Grab and Go Breakfast Bars. All made with no sugar. The sweetness comes from the dried fruit and the honey.

Then I started looking at my fitness. Again I have always kept fit; I’m a keen trail walker; I have done HIT training for a few years now. Online trainers Daniel and Alex Bartlett’s Team Body Project make High Intensity Training a delight- they have loads of free YouTube videos. Fitness doesn’t have to involve money. You can join up if you want a more structured programme.

Then I started looking at my mental health and well being. I needed to take time out, stop trying to do everything, taking on everything. I took up Yoga; again online. I didn’t want to do regular classes. I would rather spend money on travel. Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube is accessible and a delight with her dog Benji:

Other health check ins I took on board was to eat more mindfully. Notice and enjoy what’s I was eating. I cut my caffeine intake and sleep so much better now. Less anxiety.

We are now approaching the middle of March and although I do have the odd drink at weekends, it is nowhere near what I was drinking.Again I drink mindfully; enjoy it and limit to one or two.

My whole mental and physical well being has improved a hundred fold and my new regimes have brought total joy to my life.

Brighton Hove Albion v Newcastle. Saturday 6 November 2021.

‘Oh Sussex, Sussex by the Sea!
Good old Sussex by the Sea!
You may tell them all we stand or fall,
For Sussex by the Sea.’

Match programme.

The Brighton/ Newcastle game at home at the Amex Stadium, was my first Premier League football game and I was filled with both a sense of county pride and being a part of something, as fans sang a rousing rendition of Sussex by the Sea, Brighton’s Anthem, prior to kick off.

Whenever it’s played, Sussex by the Sea binds Seagulls fans everywhere into more than a century of pride in Albion and Sussex history.

We didn’t win against Newcastle, it was a draw, but whatever the score, nothing will take away the excitement at being at a Premier League match, with all the accompanying atmosphere and excitement of the moment.

A Brighton Blast!

A late summer Sunday at Brighton Beach making the most of the weather before it breaks and autumn sets in.

Loads of fun at The Upside Down House.


A browse through an art installation on the beach…

These deck chairs were just waiting for us!

And finally the, in a rugged way, beautiful West pier.

Photograph by Emily Dudley.

I never stop feeling blessed living on the South Coast.