Road Trip Alicante to Benidorm.

Yesterday we hired a car in Benidorm, wanting to explore beyond the coastal town and resort.

Car hire was from Europcar and was approx. 69€ (£54) for one day. Bargain.

[We also hired bikes earlier in the week from Monkey Bikes- 13€ for a days hire]

We took the coastal road down to Alicante, where we stopped for a picnic lunch and a wander.

We wanted to drive the mountain roads, so took the CV-800 to Alcoi, then the CV-70 down to Benidorm. We wound our way up, over and through the mountains in a very sultry 35 degree heat. The landscape was mostly barren, interspersed with a very occasional villa, a derelict building or a small village.

The drive took approximately two and a half hours. It was a rugged, parched and lonely terrain- just us and the cicadas. We loved every minute of the drive. Certainly a vastly different Benidorm from it’s traditional, stereotypical boozy image. Get out and explore this beautiful Costa Brava region.

Benidorm Cross.

Took a drive up to the Benidorm Cross yesterday evening. A long, winding drive in a sweltering 32 degrees brought us within a quarter of a mile of the Cross. The rest was walking. It was worth the effort.

‘At the end of 1961, at the request of Father Salvador Perona, people from Benidorm, in an evangelizing mission in order to redeem the city from its frivolous reputation, carried a
huge cross on their shoulders from San Jaime and Santa Ana church to Sierra Helada. Over the years, the Cross has become another of
Benidorm’s beautiful tourist attractions.’

Carrying the cross up the hill.

Benidorm Old Town

Admiral Bernat de Sarrià founded Benidorm and granted the
Town Charter on May 8, 1325. Where we are now the town
and the Castle were built. Between the 17th and 19th centuries
(after the Second Town Charter in 1666), Benidorm
experienced a significant growth, consolidated with the arrival
of tourism to the present day.

We took an evening walk up there. It was hot, sultry and alive.

Tapas, G & Ts Spanish style and a stroll up to the castle made for a chilled Saturday night.