Avon Representative.

Introducing my Avon Page

As well as writing Milly Space, I am also an Avon Representative. I’ll leave Avon to tell their story.

‘We’ve been doing beauty differently for 135 years. Pioneering in listening to women’s needs and speaking out for them. Standing for what matters to them. Supporting their endeavours.We’re a company that connects people through beauty, sharing passion, innovation and expertise – affordably. We use the power of beauty to transform women’s lives for the better’.

We were founded to provide an opportunity for women to earn and learn – bringing economic freedom for our Beauty Advisers so they can shape their own future. We continue to carry this spirit with us today.

Each month I will post the digital brochure on this page and the link to my online shop. I hope you will be interested enough in our fabulous, value for money products to place an order.

Milly x