Salena Gosden. Mrs Death Misses Death.

Went to this on Wednesday night. Salena Godden in conversation with Josephine Hall about her debut novel Mrs Death Misses Death.

Death desperately wants to share her stories, and she selects as her scribe Wolf Willeford, a genderfluid east London poet.
Death is personified as a series of black women,because, as she points out, “there is no human more invisible, more easily talked over, ignored, betrayed and easy to walk past” than a black woman.
The effect is to produce a collage of speech and speechlessness, a story that sometimes slips away from you even while you are reading it. It reminded me of Max Porter’s ‘Lanny’.

Salena was a larger than life character- it was fascinating to hear her talk about the process of creating Mrs Death and in the almost gothic and very appropriate setting of The beautiful building that is Hastings Library.

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