Bloody Brilliant Women by Cathy Newman

Bloody Brilliant Women: The Pioneers, Revolutionaries and Geniuses Your History Teacher Forgot to Mention by Cathy Newman

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Bloody Brilliant Women by Cathy Newman

A celebration of brilliant women through the centuries, from the Saxon women who were near equal to men and had influence and freedom of intervention in public affairs, up to the present day. A twenty first century of #MeToo, the public movement against sexual abuse and harassment of women by powerful and prominent men; and #HeForShe the male ally ship for gender equality. Where did it all go wrong for women in between? The equality women had in the Saxons, lost and despite spending centuries fighting for, never quite regained is brilliantly told in this informative social history. Kept me entertained on the journey to and from work for a week.

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