“The Surreal Adventures of Anthony Zen” by Cameron Straughan.

Today I am very pleased to introduce another guest post, this time by author Cameron Straughan. I will certainly be taking a look at his book myself.. Take it away Cameron…!

Hello! I am an autistic author. I use absurd, surreal humour to help me cope. I use it to communicate how I feel, how I view the world around me and to reach out with the hopes of finding some common ground – shared experiences. After all, that’s the basis of laughter – recognition of shared experiences. I prefer using this method to all the negativity I see swirling around in contemporary society. I’d rather not criticize; instead, I’d rather have some fun. Sound good? Then you might like this news!

On July 1, 2020, I will officially release my collection of 23 interconnected, humorous short stories entitled “The Surreal Adventures of Anthony Zen” (paperback). It is currently available as an Amazon ebook.

My motivation for publishing this book is to help dispel the misconception that autistic people “have no sense of humour” and to suggest, in a fun way, how people can survive these chaotic times with their individuality in tact. Also, “horrifyingly absurd” millennial comedy seems ready for Anthony Zen; hit shows like BoJack Horseman and Rick and Morty suggest widespread acceptance of my particular brand of wild humour.

My writing style doesn’t preach – I facilitate; this is writing you can interpret. The reader can dig deeper (e.g. satirical elements, Buddhist teachings, absurdism, autistic features) or simply enjoy it as a fun, humorous read; I’m OK with either response. Anyway, the book certainly lives up to its name! If this sounds good to you, then please check it out!


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