The Docklands Light Railway

I caught the Docklands Light Railway down to Woolwich Arsenal this week. The difference between the DLR trains and all the others is they don’t require a driver. The carriages run automatically, communicating with a central computer through sensors between the rails.

I love this East End Railway line. Lots of new office complexes reflect the white collar industry that dominates the area today but simultaneously you can almost smell it’s industrial past, enhanced by the names of the stops: East India dock, Limehouse, Shadwell and Pontoon Dock. New buildings nestle amongst the established big warehouses such as Tate and Lyle Golden Syrup. It must smell lovely on cooking up days! We passed The Artful Dodger pub, proving that Dickens remains unforgotten in London’s East End. It was a visual history of a journey and nice to venture out of the West End.

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