Jeeping in the Cazza

Had a blast jeeping around the Caribbean for the past week. Headed out of steaming sultry Bridgetown with its lively, rocking beaches into the rural areas, driving through acres of sugar plantations and alongside the white sandy palm beaches and the luxurious resorts that Barbados is famous for.

We had street food fun with the locals in Antuiga, paying far too much for our lunch than we should have done but worth it for the good time we had.

Tortola saw us negotiating the hairpin, mountainous route around the island, taking in a few off roading tracks as well.

Lastly the historic St Kitts, home of Wilbur and co. An island which, according to the boards as you entered each Hamlet, seems to have its roots in sugarcane plantations and the accompanying slavery that goes with it. We climbed this hilly island in our ATV through villages, having a privileged view into the lives of the local families and the gorgeous school children; stopping at a local bakery for raisin rolls and various beaches for chillin time.

Sadly we had to hand back our keys and board the ship for the long transatlantic trip home to the UK, but we certainly did the Cazza in style.

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