The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus

Heard on the radio today that this soundtrack album is going to be reissued later this year:



and since I didn’t know the original I downloaded it for a listen. Proper sixties psychedelic rock.

The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus was a concert show organised by the Rolling Stones on 11 December 1968 with various artists including Jethro Tull, The Who, Taj Mahal, Marianne Faithfull, and The Rolling Stones. John Lennon and his fiancee Yoko Ono also performed as part of a one-shot supergroup called The Dirty Mac, featuring Eric Clapton, Mitch Mitchell, and Keith Richards.  It was never broadcast at the time but was finally released in 1996, along with accompanying soundtrack album.

Will have to give the reissue a listen too.


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