I Daniel Blake

I Daniel Blake. A 2016 British drama film, written by Paul Laverty, directed by Ken Loach and starring Dave Johns as Daniel Blake, who is denied employment and support allowance despite his doctor finding him unfit for work due to  a recent heart attack. The film won the Palme d’Or at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival and a 2017 BAFTA for outstanding British Film. its also stars Haley Squires as Katy, a single mother who, like Blake, is caught up in the bureaucracy of the modern day British benefits system.

This is a gut wrenching, heart breaking and poignant film with a storyline far too close for comfort to the present day Universal Credit situation. It has echoes of Cathy Come Home, also directed by Ken Loach (1966) and The Full Monty, director Peter Cattaneo (1997), both also statements on the unjust and inflexible British social welfare system. Nothing seems to have changed. No lessons have been heeded through the decades. I highly recommend anyone giving an hour and a half of their time to watch this very well written, directed and acted film.


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