The Music Shop by Rachel Joyce

The Music ShopThe Music Shop by Rachel Joyce

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

‘Frank in The Music Shop has introduced me to music I’ve never heard before and has given me a new way of listening to all music’ Johnnie Walker, MBE, disc jockey, broadcaster (on the inside cover of the The Music Shop).

There is a lot I loved about The Music Shop. Most of all I loved the music. I was constantly distracted by the playlist. I kept stopping reading to listen, first to individual songs and then finally I simply put it on continuous run when I wasn’t reading; so it is fair to say that this book has been quite a large part of my life for the last week! Johnnie Walker sums it up- new music; some I liked, some I didn’t- and a new way of listening: the silences in music (p.38); the spaces between the notes (p.108).

I made friends with the characters. Peg, with all her music knowledge and listening advice, the prickly and brash Maud and Saturday boy Kit. Although I’m not sure I would ever be attracted to Frank I loved the idea of him, his kindness and passion for music and how he knew the exact piece for his customers and friends.

The flash mob scene was, well, a flash mob. It seemed like it wasn’t going to happen and then suddenly it was there before you realised- clever, funny and beautiful.

I would love to go and watch this in the cinema.

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