Dr Who

I had never watched Dr Who in my life; it had totally passed me by. I could probably name a few Doctors and tell you it involves Daleks, but that is about it! Oh and I knew that there is now a lady Doctor. However I caught my first ever episode a couple of days ago. Browsing through the BBC Catch Up App I was drawn to the Demons of the Punjab episode- where the Doctor and her friends arrive in the Punjab, India in the 1947 Partition. I studied the Partition as part of my degree and have travelled across India, so was interested. It was so good. I am not a fan of science fiction or fantasy, but loved the storyline set in the historical reality of Partition. At some point some Daleky things appeared on the screen, which lost me a tad, but otherwise I was enthralled. Spurred on by this I moved on to Rosa the Rosa Parks episode. Again I had been to Montgomery Alabama where Rosa made her stand against the driver of the bus when he gave her the order to give up her seat on the city bus to make room for a white passenger. I loved the combination of realism, historical fact and science fiction. Brilliant.


Guess I’m going to watch some more now. However I do wonder if sub-consciously I even considered watching it because of the lady doctor thing! Oh and Bradley Walsh was a bonus too…

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