E-book or physical book?

Ok so which? I like an e-book because I like the techy thing; and it means I don’t have to take a heap of paperbacks on my travels; and when reading while eating I don’t have to prop one side open with the ketchup bottle and the other with the salt pot. However there are downsides, the biggest one of which is that browsing through an e-catalogue is a hugely frustrating experience. Fine if you want a specific title or author but not so fine if you are purely looking for inspiration for your next great read. Browsing the library or book shop shelves and displays is a whole lot easier and more satisfying experience. What is more, after staring at a variety of different screens all day it is way more soothing to hold a book, turn the pages and read off paper. So now to stop screen staring and pick up my bed time book!


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