Unexpected Item in the Bagging Area: Driven Crazy by the Modern World?

The title of a book written by Chris Martin and published by Michael O’Mara (11 Oct. 2012). A perfect book for the smallest room in the house with one stand out chapter for me: The office kitchen. In it the author bemoans ‘…the stink of…the heating up of a homemade concoction in the microwave…’ He has a point that I think we can all equate with at some point in the team office kitchen. He comments on how ‘extraordinary’ he finds this phenomenon when all around the majority of offices there are every kind of food outlet imaginable to man. He also points out the inevitable resulting mess left by these enthusiastic cooks, but less than enthusiastic clearer- uppers: ‘Crusty plates…every spare surface is covered with cooling pools of soup… while the floor of the microwave is coated with a gelatinous puddle of an undefined substance…’ the thing is while I found this both funny and familiar and thinking ‘yeah why wouldn’t you make use of nearby amenities and just go and buy something’ I then realised that I am one of the said ‘Tupperware gourmands’ he talks about who regularly brings last nights leftovers in to reheat for todays lunch. Why? Because it is a damn sight cheaper than buying my lunch out everyday and because it is a lot easier than making a sandwich- doing up a ‘packed lunch’. Just grab that Tupperware out of the fridge and you’re good to go! Is this a gender thing I ask myself? I work in an office full of women. We all reheat. Are men less inclined to bother and take the even easier, if more costly, option of buying a take out?

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