Well Hello…

Welcome to my blog. I am a librarian so books play a major part in my life and always have done since my mother joined me to the village library at four years old. Music is another massive thing for me- fostered from my father who loved everything Country and Western, so I guess this was my earliest musical influence. That and various folk songs sang around the table after dinner on nights my parents were obviously feeling it had been a good day. My earliest literary memory was of my mum reading Thumbelina (over and over because it was my favourite apparently). As I got older I read copious amounts of Enid Blyton, Monica Dickens Louise M Alcott and Susan Coolidge. I cannot remember not being able to read, or even learning to read. I just could.

Music and books, for me, both work with the same principles- escapism, enjoyment, healing and that is just for starters. I want to listen to music when I am sad, when I’m happy, when I’m drunk, when nostalgia sets in (usually when I’m drunk) and when I am raging bloody angry or mellow to the bone, with mood obviously determining the play list. I read books at any spare moment- generally when I’m eating, waiting for appointments, travelling, in bed last and first thing. Any available five minutes really.

I would love to be creative and talented enough to write my own songs- just to be able to hold a tune would be good- or produce a novel. But I can’t. I haven’t the staying power to produce writing of any substance, hence I thought I’d give a blog a go. It will probably never be read by anyone but myself, but at least I am getting into the writing discipline- putting words down on paper, instead of just lazily reading them or listening to lyrics.

I love talking with friends and family about anything music and reading and I am looking forward to sharing some of these discussions. Who knows, someone might read the blog and add their own input?


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